A Great Year of Travel and Life

So 2013 is fast coming to a close and I thought I’d take a break from Malaysia blogging to thank everyone who’s been reading about my adventures.

All the Vancity people that came out to celebrate me and Jeff’s birthday!

2013 has been a shaky but overall amazing year. The first few months were filled with uncertainty as I waited for word on my post graduate applications. For anyone who has been in a similar situation, waiting on an institution to tell you whether you’re good enough to study with them, its very scary. I vividly remember getting shakes and sweats while reading admission requirements. I could literally feel my heart beating through my chest.

Apparently eagles prey on neon raver bears…Taken at a park by lake Beratan in Bali

This was my second year applying to study Occupational Therapy. For those following the blog, I was wait listed at Queen’s University for the class of 2014, but was sent a final rejection letter while I was in Abohar, during my mission trip teaching English in India. It was a harsh blow but I promised myself not to get discouraged and apply again.

Some awesome girls we met while hosteling in Hawaii. Traveling to Honolulu, from BC, but originally from Chile. Insane eh?
The family on our day trip to Hanauma Bay. Beautiful place but silty water makes for poor snorkeling 😦
Watching some surfers on our last night at Waikiki. Definitely have to check out the other islands in Hawaii!

Sure enough, after many nights of prayer and mini freakouts, one morning in May, as I was waking up from my dorm bed in a hostel in Honolulu, I got my acceptance letter to Queen’s. I couldn’t hold back those tears of joy. A HUGE weight was lifted off my shoulders! My outlook on the future became instantly brighter.

We met Ivan on our train ride from Bangkok Airport. He was a great addition to the group!
Natasha, who we met on our Thailand to Cambodia border crossing, is from Venezuela studying in Malaysia. Had to battle some shady ass cab drivers to get to our hotels safely.

Hawaii was just a taste of the travel I would do this summer. With its amazing mountains (click the link for my guide to hiking the most breathtaking trail) and oceans (both of which I will blog about in the coming year), my excitement for my trip to Southeast Asia grew. SEA came around and each country I visited offered something special. I fell in love with Thailand and its vast selection of thrills and adventures, Indonesia for its raw beauty and friendly people, and Cambodia for its rich history and the struggles of their people.

Goa Gaja in Bali with the girrrrl
Uluwatu temple near sunset. Jon i out due to food poisoning? Fever? Mystery Indonesian sickness?
Tanah Lot Temple near sunset. Amazing.
Scooter adventures in Bali’s central highlands

I’m now one semester into my master’s in Kingston, Ontario. It’s definitely been a different kind of adventure with its own set of challenges but I take joy in writing about my adventures for the pleasure of anyone who cares to read them. I thank God for the wonderful opportunities that I’ve gotten to study and travel, the family that’s supported me and the friends that made each leg of my travels above and beyond what it could have been had I done it all alone. If you’re reading, I hope I’ve inspired you to pack your own bags and hit the road. May the new year bring on many more adventures 🙂

The 3 stooges in the floating market, a few hours outside the Bangkok city limits

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