A Quick Guide to Partying in Singapore

With a large and growing generation of young people in Singapore comes an entertainment district to cater to their partying needs! Clark Quay occupies about 2 blocks with 2 walkways that intersect at the middle of the whole complex. It is covered by these large umbrella/mushroom structures that allow partyers to continue on rain or shine (and it does rain, lots). Clark Quay is full of clubs and bars. Cover for clubs is more expensive than Vancouver at $25-$34SGD per guy (ladies you pay about $10 less or go for free if you’re really lucky) but the ticket often includes a drink or two. Two things to note though if you’re planning to party in Singapore:

Clarke Quay in all its alcoholic laser light glory!
The umbrella/mushroom type structures that covered the walkways of Clarke Quay. The fountain is at the central intersection.
  1. Alcohol is notoriously expensive due to heavy taxation. A 750mL bottle of Sky vodka cost around $45-50 SGD (~$40CAD) and this was purchased from a liquor store. A bottled beer at a pub will cost at least $10SGD. My Stella bottle was $11SGD. Bring lots of cash if you’re planning to party and consider predrinking if you’re planning to drink a lot. You can find groups of young people in huddles around certain clubs (Zouk at least) drinking their bottles with chasers.
  2. Mandatory military service for all male Singaporeans means many young adults are off during the week doing their service and come back to town for the weekend ready to partay! However this poses a problem as many clubs turn into major sausage fests. At one particular club (I can’t remember the name) in Clarke Quay, I estimated a 25:75 girl to guy ratio. Not fun at all…so consider going on a weeknight.
My $11 SGD Stella. Splurge!
My $11 SGD Stella. Splurge!

Our first clubbing experience was at Zouk on a Friday. Zouk has been known to host many world famous DJ’sand in all honesty the music was really good. Upstairs  had more typical party tracks whereas downstairs had more trance which I enjoyed purely because there was more room to dance. That’s the thing I found in Singaporean clubs: the crowds are nuts! At one point I was shoulder to shoulder with other people and couldn’t even dance, not to mention all the dudes that were rubbin’ all up in my bubble. I recommend going to the less busy floor as I did. The music was more chill there but was great and I could move!

After Zouk, we decided to try our luck at a lady’s night during the week. Perhaps this would even out the ratio a bit more. We decided to go to the Butter Factory‘ s ladies night. Ladies, definitely check this place out because for the price of cover you can get unlimited drinks! Paul and I just snagged drinks off Fiona and Tessa haha. After taking our mandatory “merlion” pictures we headed in at what seemed like an appropriate time. Surely everyone would be dancing by 10:30! When we walk in, we see large crowds clinging to the seating area surrounding the dancefloor. There are clearly many people in the club but no one wanted to be the first to dance! Being quite drunk at this point we decided to be the first. Tessa, Fiona, Paul and I along with our new friends Jun-Guang and Suenne broke the dance silence and within 15 minutes many people followed. The ratio was much better, at 40:60 girls to guys. I guess this is the best we can hope for? Let me know if you’ve experience different! One note for those avid dancers, the poles and platforms there are for girls only as I found out quickly when a bouncer had to escort me off after taking a few spins. Or do it anyways who cares. It definitely catches everyone’s attention haha.

Getting ready for Butter Factory
It seems I’ve drank too much before getting in the club! The Merlion is a symbol in Singapore. When one “merlions”, he pukes his guts out. I couldn’t resist this touristy picture haha.
Apparently guys aren’t allowed on the poles but someone had to break the ice 😉 Taken shorty before a bouncer escorted me down haha
The gang! Our party buddy Jun Guang with his pitcher of cocktail

All in all, clubbing in Singapore is something definitely worth experiencing even if its just once. Like I said, many of the big clubs regularly host world famous DJ’s so check the sites for your travel dates to see if you can catch any of them (if you’re into EDM). Zouk hosts a yearly party at the man made Sentosa Beach called Zoukout which I hear is THE party to be at in Singapore. Cabs are a plenty and affordable for the most part so no need to drink and drive. Happy partying!

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